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BJ Ganem

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Life on the Good Foot

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"The only thing I can't do on this foot is grow toenails."

"I got kicked out of college, but don't worry Mom,

I joined the Marines."

I remember calling my mother one evening when I was 19 years old to tell her that after my first year of college I had been put on academic probation. I was what you would refer to as a rather rambunctious and social young man, and had enjoyed the freedoms that college life had introduced. As a result of a few too many social gatherings, and thereby lack of participation in the actual classroom, it was apparent that college and I were not compatible at that time.

I had messed up, but I was determined to make it on my own, so I concocted a back-up plan.  Even though I would have been voted the least likely person to join the military by my high school class, I walked into the recruiters' office and signed my name on the dotted line.  


"The only thing I can't do in this prosthetic prosthetic foot is grow toenails."


Sierra Delta was founded in 2017 focused on creating a network capable of connecting all military veterans to an appropriate dog therapy based on the veterans' needs and lifestyle. 

BJ was inspired to build this innovative Veteran Service Organization through the mentorship of Bill Bishop (Blue Buffalo), Tom Mccann (Mccann Pets), and George W. Bush (43rd President of the USA). Opportunities to get involved can be found online and on social media.


BJ has been on the Motivational Speaking circuit since 2012 and has inspired groups large and small. Besides appearing as a guest on The Late Show, BJ has addressed stadium crowds before performances by Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Chicago and the Beach Boys. BJ has successfully, motivated employees at Blue Buffalo, Discover Card, Petsmart, and attendees at the National Association of Garage Door Manufacturers, and the National Association of Social Workers, to name a few.

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"I strive to live with Empowerment, Purpose, Innovation, and Community. In short, I strive to live an E.P.I.C. life."

Wausau Police Dept.

BJ Ganem is honored to be included in 'Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors', a series of portraits painted by President George W. Bush.  Each portrait includes the personal story of a veteran that President Bush has come to know through the Warrior Open and the W100, both events hosted by President Bush.  All proceeds from the sale of the book directly benefit veterans through the Bush Presidential Center, Military Service Initiative.


More information can be found at the George W. Bush Presidential Center here, and Portraits of Courage can be purchased here.

Holidays for Heroes
The pic used for W's painting.JPG

BJ was thrilled to have had this nerve racking experience of being in the green room of the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, watching Louis C.K. get hassled by David Letterman for not wearing a tie on his show, knowing that he was next and wearing shorts in January and hoping he could hold his own with this TV Icon. David Letterman and his crew were all incredibly gracious and made me feel right a ease so much I put my foot up on his desk! This will moment will always be on the Top Ten List of Highlights of BJ Ganem's life!

BJ Ganem created Service Dogs for Heroes in 2017, to address the issue of limited access to various effective dog therapies for our Nation's military veterans. The use of the title, Service Dogs for Heroes sparked arguments with other dog organizations advertising to veterans, so in 2018 SD4H officially became Sierra Delta: Service Dogs for Veterans.

Sierra Delta is the only veteran service organization focused on providing various dog therapies to all military veterans. Learn more here


Since 2014 BJ Ganem has worked the famed "Media Row" at every NFL Super Bowl representing corporate sponsors like Blue Buffalo, FastPort, Xylem, Humana, Military Benefits Association, and speaking about vital veteran programs made possible by these sponsors and supporters across the USA. All the media attention centers around the annual Flag Football game where BJ and other military veterans face off against NFL Legends in a game of inspiration and honor. See more on YouTube on BJ Ganem's Life on the Good Foot. To learn how to get involved email



George W. Bush Presidential Center Warrior Blog: Golf as Therapy

Golf has been a form of therapy for me.  Take a peek at my post on the George W. Bush Presidential Center blog to find out why!

Portraits of Courage: Wounded warriors who fought for their country and commander in chief - and found themselves painted by a President

An article I did regarding Portraits of Courage with

Injured veterans learn valuable lessons through golf event at Farmlinks

In May of 2016 I participated in an event at Farmlinks at Pursell Farms with Team Semper Fi.  This article features my story and discusses the benefits of golf to recovering and transitioning veterans. 

LALO Tactical Marathon Training Guest Blog

As part of a trek with Push America and The Ability Experience, I was one of a number of volunteers to guide visually disabled civilians to the top of three different 10,000 foot peaks in Colorado. This unique journey brought together physically disabled people from a variety of backgrounds and gave us a common goal, while bonding us through experience. 

Ganem helps lift spirits of Boston victims

When the Boston Marathon Bombing occurred in 2013, I went with a group of amputees to visit the victims in the hospitals within days of the event. Our mission was to prove to them that their lives were not over, and that they would learn to overcome and adapt and move forward with a new normal.  

Massive turnout at CSM for Wounded Warrior charity game

An article from the 2016 Wounded Warrior Amputee Football game against San Fransisco 49er's alumni

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BJ playing in game against Packers 81013
BJ Golfing in CO for TSF Open

Visit the Gallery page to see more recent events as well as news interviews and national television appearances, including an interview on The Late Show with David Letterman. 



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