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$13,500 - $15,200 to Paul Davis Restoration Company (locally owned) to protect approx. 246’ of WVM building façade with 12’ tall plywood & cover with anti-graffiti shellac. Price includes materials, labor, equipment. Plywood will be anchored & offset from the building by 3’ to allow for masonry restoration workers to operate behind the wall. Wall installation time approx. 4 hours. 

$2,800 to Signs By Tomorrow printing company (locally owned) to print six 10’x10’ veteran images on laminated vinyl. Prints will also receive an anti-graffiti shellac. Price includes printing & installation. 

$3,000 to Getty Images and Baltimore Sun for the rights to six historical military veteran images. The images were selected to show contributions of African American servicemembers before & after military unit segregation & the cohesive nature of modern-day multi-racial, multi-gender military units.
A digital survey was conducted with a veteran focus group to select top images. A sampling of the
images from the focus group can be found in this collection of Getty Images.

$8,500-$10,000 to restore the building’s unfinished sandstone. Wisconsin Veterans for a Clean
Museum determined this cost be the responsibility of the building owner. No donated funds will be
used to repair or restore the building façade itself.

All funding and coordination has been graciously provided by Wisconsin Veterans and by citizens and businesses across Wisconsin who believe this museum and the stories it houses deserves the dignity and the honor that Wisconsin Veterans for a clean Museum are trying to restore.


Please help us motivate Wisconsin State Government to allow the veterans of Wisconsin to clean their museum.

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