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"Just because you haven't been to war, doesn't mean you don't face challenges.  Learn from me, but apply it to your own situation."

Mindset is everything.  It is the difference between falling and getting back up.  It's what starts every great day.  And it's what differentiates those living an intentional life from those that are just living.  

I often see people cut a glance at my leg and can almost hear them wondering what kind of hell I've been through.  But I consider myself lucky, because at least a part of my story is visible and out there for people to wonder about.  I literally wear the eagle, globe and anchor on my leg, so society can better understand my personal battles.  But most people are not so lucky. Everyone has their own demons to battle.  My struggle is no more important than anyone else's, I've just been fortunate to have an incredible support system to help me through it.  I encourage you to take the lessons I've learned and apply them to your own situation.  

I speak to businesses, corporations, organizations, policy makers, school groups - you name it, and I have an appropriate and inspirational message to share. My experience not only with veterans issues, but also physical disabilities, the recovery process, civilian trauma, and most importantly - mindset - provide a broad platform for connecting with people. Contact me to customize a motivational discussion with your group, no matter what age or size.    

Visit my video gallery to view my appearances on The Today Show, The Tonight Show with David Letterman, SINow with Maggie Gray, The CBS Evening News and others.  And please take a peak at the Affiliations page for testimonials from organizations and businesses that I have worked with. 

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